Powerful Features Only In Video Jeet PRO

  • Unlimited Blogs
  • Unlimited Keywords
  • Support For Spintext in Descriptions
  • Agency License
  • 3 License Keys
  • Capability To Follow YouTube Channels
  • Capability To Post Hashtags Automatically

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Why only have a small amount of a good thing when you can go unlimited? In the PRO version of Video Jeet you have the capability to create unlimited video blogs, and target an unlimited number of keywords. Absolutely no limitations!

Video Jeet PRO gives you unlimited targeting, and much more. Get the PRO upgrade to put Video Jeet in the super-power mode, and at least 10x your results and traffic from video blog automation. Read on!

Generate Revenues Every Month By Driving Traffic To Local & Online Clients

This License Gives You The Right To Recruit & Service Clients With Video Jeet

Video Jeet is perfect for creating search engine blogs targeted at local market. You can create blogs for any niche, and dominate any number of keywords or markets you want. Without a doubt, local business establishments will be more than overjoyed to grab in on the highly targeted traffic that you can drive to them.

How much will local businesses pay for 1,000 or 1,500 or even more authentic leads?

This Is The Easiest Thing To Sell!

Business love leads, and owners will pay happily for authentic leads and views. I am sure you already know of the agencies who are killing it in your local market, selling qualified leads to local businesses.

Why don’t you become one of them?

Businesses spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on SEO, traffic and lead development. They have a budget that they need to spend, and you can grab a chunk of that.

Video Jeet is guaranteed to work!

The traffic that it generates is through search and is highly targeted and qualified traffic that will get you genuine leads and customers. It’s an autopilot business that you can run with minimum daily work.

You can even add this to your existing traffic or SEO services that you offer your customers.


You don’t have to pay a recurring charge for Video Jeet, but you can charge a recurring fee for your traffic.

Get Video Jeet PRO & Unlock More Revenues From Multiple Sources

Exclusive Features That You’ll Find ONLY in Video Jeet PRO

Create Unlimited Blogs

Why limit yourself to only a handful of blogs when you can go for unlimited ones? Target every new and trending niche with your free blogs and get traffic coming to you from every source possible with support for unlimited blogs.

$67 Value

Unlimited Keywords

Why target a limited set of keywords when you can get unlimited traffic and more visitors no matter which niche you target? Target all the keywords you want per blog with the PRO version.

$67 Value

Support for Spintext

Make your content rank higher by making it even more unique. Put Spintext in your descriptions and call to actions. You’ll get this feature only in PRO version.

$67 Value

Agency License

Recruit clients and charge them a monthly recurring fee for the traffic or the leads you get them. Unlock a 100% autopilot recurring business with the PRO version.

$67 Value

3 License Keys

Install Video Jeet on up to 3 machines with 3 individual license. Get a copy for your laptop, your desktop and a third one for your spouse, VA or a friend.

$67 Value

Follow Any YouTube Channel

Video Jeet lets you pick out any YouTube channel and auto-post fresh videos from them on your blogs. Pick out the top video producers in your niche and get content from them.

$67 Value

Automatic Hashtagging on Social Shares

Turn social media into the most powerful traffic source by automatic hashtagging. Video Jeet pro turns the video keywords into hashtags, and unleashes a traffic storm from social media.

$67 Value

Get PRO & Be The Master Of Free
Organic Traffic

Do you see the power that Video Jeet PRO version adds to your marketing? Just one or two of these features can cause a substantial difference in your performance, but what you’ve got here are 7 amazing add-ons, each one individually worth more than what we are asking you to pay here. Make sure you get this fast, because the prices are sure to go up!

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You’re covered by our cast-iron money back guarantee.

If you are not absolutely impressed by what the software does for you, just uninstall the software from your PC, then open a support ticket at https://teknikforce.com/support with your purchase details and we will refund all your money! No hassles, no excuses. So go on, get this software and try it for 30 days. You have nothing to lose.