Unlock These Features In Video Jeet ACE Version

  • Unlimited Blogs
  • Unlimited Keywords
  • Support For Spintext in Descriptions
  • 2 License Keys
  • Capability To Remove 3rd Party Links
  • Capability To Post Hashtags Automatically

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Unlimited Blogs, Keywords, Multiple Licenses, Spintext, Hashtags, 3rd Party Links Removal. You get it all!

Not everybody has an Internet marketing agency, but why should you lose out on the awesome goodies? Why lose on the unlimited power of supercharges Video Jeet PRO just because you don’t want to service clients.

You can get all of what you need to make that difference in your own business with Video Jeet ACE. The special business use version of Video Jeet.

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Without Unlimited Blogs You’ll Run Out Of Niches

Shouldn’t you be able to target the fresh niches as they come in and make sure you ride the trends to drive traffic? Well, with Video Jeet ACE you get unlimited blogs support in Video Jeet, which means you can target as many niches as you want. Without it... Nope!


Without Unlimited Keywords You Will Get Less Traffic

Why shouldn’t you target a wider range of keywords from the niche, get more videos to choose from, and conversely get more traffic. Frankly, there’s no reason to unlock the maximum when the upgrade cost is so measly. Target unlimited keywords with the ACE upgrade.


Rank Better With Description Spintext

Spintext helps you rank higher because it makes each article more unique. With Video Jeet ACE you can put in Spintext in your call to actions and descriptions and get better rankings easily.


Install On Multiple Computers

Get a second license for your second computer. This feature alone is doubling the value of Video Jeet for you. Go ahead and grab the second license right now!


Remove 3rd Party Links From Video Descriptions

These are your blogs, right? So why send anyone else traffic from them. Remove the 3rd party links from the descriptions posted to your blogs and keep all the traffic 100% to yourself.


Post Hashtags Automatically On Social Media

Hashtags are a great source of traffic on Twitter and also on Facebook. Video Jeet posts automatically to these social networks and drives you traffic. With the ACE upgrade, it will also automatically get the keywords from the video, turn them into hashtags and post them. Getting you even more traffic.


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