Tools are super useful, they are like superpowers that turn you into a God from a mere mortal, but ultimately it’s YOU who’s going to run those tools and deliver the results.

The only way your business can grow is if you invest in yourself.

Don’t be the guy who ruins it because he doesn’t understand the nuances of search, and is not able to get the traffic he deserves, or worse makes costly mistakes that makes Google black list him.

The same tools that an amateur can barely grasp are magic and music in the hands of a real expert. If you want real success, and we mean the kind of success that generates massive sales that you can never hope to count -- become an expert!


Revealing All The SEO Secrets

Chapter 01: SEO Basics

  • What is a search engine?
  • What is search & how it works.
  • What is SEO?
  • Why is SEO so important?
  • How much traffic does each rank gets?

Chapter 02: Three Pillars of Rankings

  • Relevance
  • Trust
  • Quality

Chapter 03: Google Updates

  • What is Google Penguin Update
  • What is Google Panda Update
  • What is Google Hummingbird Update
  • What is Google Pigeon Update
  • Upcoming Google RankBrain Update
  • One strategy to deal with every Google update

Chapter 04: Keyword Research

  • What are keywords?
  • How to research keywords?
  • Obtaining a huge list of keywords.
  • Identifying keywords that will get you traffic.
  • High competition keywords
  • Low competition (Long-tail) keywords
  • Keyword targeting – A shot in the dark strategy.
  • Progressive SEO Strategy

Chapter 05: On Page SEO Factors

  • Why is mobile compatibility so important
  • What Robots.Txt does for your search rankings
  • How to create and submit a sitemap correctly
  • Why HTTPS is so important for search
  • How Usability increases your rankings
  • & MORE…

Chapter 06: Correct Link-building strategy

  • What is link-buillding?
  • Why will link-building never go away?
  • How to build links that benefit you and don’t harm

Chapter 07: Social Media SEO

  • How social media affects SEO.
  • How Facebook affects SEO
  • How Twitter affects SEO
  • How Pinterest works with SEO
  • Other Social Media Networks

Chapter 08: Local SEO Targeting

  • What is local SEO.
  • Targeting local SEO keywords.
  • Getting Citations.
  • Getting reviews.
  • Local SEO ranking factors.

Chapter 09: SEO Death

  • What is Black-Hat SEO & Why You must avoid it.
  • Doorway pages
  • Bad quality links
  • Full screen ads
  • Over advertising
  • Too many outbound links

Invest in yourself right now…

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