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7 Days Launch Starting 26th Oct 2016

The Most POWERFUL Auto-Video Blogger & Curator

VideoJeet connects to YouTube through YouTube API to find the latest and the most
popular videos for any niche or keyword and autopost it to your blog.

Works With

It's the only viral autoblogger, that also posts to FB & Twitter.

Features That No Other Video Curator Has

Curate videos for any keyword and for any niche.

Universal : Posts to Wordpress, Blogger blogs, Tumblr or Livejournal

Follow channels and automatically curate their latest videos.

Automatically replace video descriptions & links with your content.

Modify title, text, or tags as per your needs.

Autoposts videos on Facebook & Twitter.

Pings top search engines on the auto.

Free blogs on Blogger, Tumblr, Livejournal can get you free traffic without having to invest a cent.

Earn through adsense, affiliate offers or redirect traffic to your money making sites.

Auto create high-quality backlinks to any website.

Schedule your posts and put your required gap between posts.

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Powerful Funnel

Video Graph


min. funnel 60 sales



min. funnel 100 sales

1st place


min. funnel 45 sales







6th to 10th

1st 48 Hours


Send the most sales in the first forty-eight hours

2nd 48 Hours


Send the most sales in the second forty-eight hours

Closing Day


Send the most sales on the closing day

Minimum 20 sales

Delivering WINNING Products Consistently

Traffic Jeet 1 4,000+ Units Keywords Jeet 1,500+ Units
Tuberank Jeet 8,000+ Units Video Jeet 6,500+ Units
Email Jeet 1 6,000+ Units VidPush 2,400+ Units
InstaViral 6,000+ Units Penguin Recovery 1,200+ Units
SEONeos 1,800+ Units Email Jeet 2 3,000+ Units
Traffic Jeet 2 1,600+ Units WP Proficom 1,500+ Units
Tube Cash Jeet 1,000+ Units NicheXploit 1,200+ Units
Channel Authority Builder 1,000+ Units Traffic Snap 1,400+ Units
InstaViral 2 2,400+ Units Tube Traffic 1,500+ Units

We Reciprocate Hard!

You've seen me on the leaderboard of almost every product that I've promoted.
That's for a reason. I push hard for my associates!

Talk to me!


Cyril 'Jeet'

Product Creator
FB : /cyrilgupta
Skype : cyrilgupta

Affiliation Terms & Conditions

Only affiliates who have at least 100 sales already will be approved on instant commissions. If you're below that you'll be put on delayed commissions and the commissions will be paid out after 30 days.

Negative promotions are not allowed. If you do it, you'll be banned from this launch and any launch that we do in the future. Spamming is not allowed.